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  1. I've been meaning to post this for a very long time, from back when I was working on my Sandshore cardigan. I really enjoy trying out new things to improve the look or add a challenge to some of my projects and this was a new technique that I wanted to learn so i'm sharing it with you now. 

    Sandshore is a beautiful summer cardigan designed by Alicia Plummer , I knit it as part of The Ultimate KAL in the Plum Dandi Ravelry group. I also knit an Ease for that Knit along. Those were the days where I had lots more knitting time and Jumpers were my go to. I still want to knit all the jumpers but my knitting time at the moment no longer allows. I will crack on the project that i've been planning for about a year now. I have the most beautiful yarn from Triskelion for it, but i digress.

    Whilst knitting my Sandshore Cardigan, as seen below knitted using Drops Bomull-lin in dark blue, I became very interested in the idea of knitting the ribbing for the whole jumper in one go, as I like the idea of ribbing that flows rather than stops and starts. So I went ahunting for any information about doing it. There wasn't that much out there but I did find an ehow article that this post is adapted from to better describe knitting the ribbing.

    Sandshore frontsandshore back