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  1. Hey hey! 2 blog posts in one week? What’s that all about!

    Well as I mentioned on Monday, the 9th of August was Third Vault Yarns 2nd birthday. Sadly a little bit of rain and a mini bout of flooding meant that celebrations had to be postponed. Never fear the party is here! We’re having fun over on the Third Vault Yarns facebook page. As we do that I thought I’d make a couple of announcements.

    If you’ve been keeping abreast of the happenings in TVY world there was a recent survey to find out what you wanted to see from Third Vault in terms of yarn clubs. Now I’ve gone through all the responses and made some decisions based on your selections. There won’t be a monthly club but there will be a club every month. Which means three Quarterly clubs. So someone’s going to have to help me name the original quarterly club, yes that’s the next game, winner gets this year’s Nine worlds gradient :D.

    Asgard & Midgard-2

    The first club of each quarter will be The Vaulter’s Book Club, yep that’s right. It’ll be books that fall under the Third Vault Yarns remit. There will be yarns inspired by different books that fit a general theme for the Quarter, the last club of the quarter will also be in this theme but I’ll announce that club at a later date. The theme for Q4 is in keeping with Nine Worlds just having gone is Mythology (The normal Quarterly club won’t necessarily fit into the theme). The book will be announced at the beginning of the quarter when sign ups open, so you can read along with us whilst you wait on your club box, in which you get yarn, and a pattern, as well as a book themed extra.

    As a thank you for responding to the club survey i promised that i would draw a name to win a place on the new club so congratulations to 

    club survey
    I can't help but notice it would have been a most auspicious number if we'd had one more response, next time though :P For now a hearty congrats to Merlyn Reid

  2. Another Nine Worlds has past and after this one on the 9th of August we’re turning two!

    Third Vault Yarns has been my baby for the past 2 and a bit years, from conception, my first dyeing for the business  and my first “show”, Nine Worlds 2015, to now and the 1000’s of skeins dyed (it feels weird to realise that I’ve dyed way more than 1000 skeins of yarn from when I first started to now).  It’s been a learning curve for me to go straight from University to running my own business and doing something I love.  None of which could have been achievable, or that I could continue to do without your support.

    I feel a bit nostalgic after Nine Worlds now, as I look back at the second Nine Worlds convention that I attended and where I launched Third Vault Yarns. I took 65 skeins of yarn that I ummed and aaahed over, was absolutely terrified that no-one would like any of them and I would have completely wasted the loan that I begged my mother for, to get yarn and equipment.

    nineworlds2015 stall